Basket Weaving Classes

In New England, baskets were made by the Native American tribes who used a variety of local materials including birch bark and the split wood of ash trees. Because the wood is soft and splits easily, it was not much use for furniture-making or building, but was uniquely suited for basket making. When European settlers came to New England in the mid-1600s and 1700s, they brought their own basketry traditions to places like the Puddle Dock neighborhood of Strawbery Banke. Like coopering, basket-making skills were valuable in an era when everything was transported in barrels and baskets. The Basket-making Workshop at Strawbery Banke takes its style from intermingled traditions, using the traditional “over and under” weave.

Upcoming Dates:

Easter Basket: April 8, 2017
1:00 – 4:00
$50.00 per participant/$40.00 for members (all materials are included)

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Participants are asked to bring an apron as clothes can get damp and need to withstand some abrasion.